What happens when you pair two people with a love of travel together? Never-ending adventures.

All About Travelling from Jessica on Vimeo.

We go by the names Christian (the German) and Jessica (the Canadian). We met in 2010 when we were both living in London,  and after years of doing long distance we ended up together in Vienna, Austria. It is fair to say that most of our relationship has been spent travelling.

In London
Christian and Jess in London 2010

Living together in Vienna we spend our free time exploring european cities and towns,  always looking for new experiences. We have had our share of crazy situations but somehow in the end we always get a good story out of it.

When you travel as much as we do you learn what works best ( and what doesnt!). We hope to share some of our knowledge and experiences with you,  along with any other travel tips we can offer.

In the end,  for us,  its all about travelling!

bday spain
In Granada,Spain for our birthdays(our birthdays are a day apart!)


* All images on this blog are originals and taken by us,  unless stated otherwise.

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  1. Thanks ery much for sharing your experience with others, iam from Africa with much passion of traveling the world and that is why i look for people’s experience for me to base on. Merry Xmass!!!

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