Some More Facts

A little bit about us…

1. Our birthdays are a day a part (April 6 and April 7).

2. Jessica is scared of heights and Christian can’t swim (interesting combination for a couple who like to travel).

3. After leaving Germany at a young age (with little or no english), Christian was the first (and only) in his family to speak english fluently.

4. Jessica is first generation Canadian (father from Glasgow,  Scotland and mother from Lima,  Peru)

Jessica’s mother at Machu Picchu


Our Travel Wish List 

A summary of places we hope to see soon.

1. Visit every continent,  including Antarctica.

2. Tokyo,  Japan

3. Bali, Indonesia

4. Explore all of Peru (visit Jessica’s family)

5. Visit Prague (Jessica has driven through it 8 times on the train ride from Vienna to Berlin, but both have yet to visit) completed! 

6. Visit Iceland

7. Galapagos Island, Ecuador

8. Go on an African safari (Kenya)

9. Istanbul,  Turkey

10. Visit the Great Barrier Reef

11. Visit the Great Wall of China

12. Visit the Pyramids in Egypt


This list will keep growing…


5 thoughts on “Some More Facts

    1. Hello Carolann and Macrae! Thanks for connecting:) We will definitely check out your post- must have been amazing though! There are so many places yet to explore but we thought we would start off with some of the main ones. Going to Prague next week though so we are looking forward to that 🙂

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