Victoria, Canada- The Travel Destination of the Royal Couple

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As someone born and raised in Victoria, I have always been aware of how special this city is. Although it has seen some growth in tourism over the last few years, it is still an up and coming travel destination. It is fair to say though that after the international coverage of the Royal Family visiting this charismatic Canadian city,  it will continue to attract visitors in the years to come.

Why Victoria?


  • Victoria is located on the west coast of Canada and compared to the rest of the country,  it has some of the best weather ( moderate summers and mild winters). Located on an island, Victoria is surrounded by ocean,  therefore one is never far away from a selection of majestic beaches and scenic water views.
  • If one is interested in visiting the US,  there are daily sailings from downtown Victoria to downtown Seattle,  through the Clipper.



Fish Taco and Chowder from Red Fish and Blue Fish

  • Victoria offers a wide variety of food choices through its various restaurants and food venues.
  • Located by the ocean ,  seafood is a popular food of choice. Whether you are looking for Fish and Chips,  Clam Chowder or Sushi,  there are a plenty of restaurants to choose from to satisfy your taste buds.

Check out : Barbs fish and chips, Ebizo Sushi, Azuma, Red Fish Blue Fish,Fish Hook, Ferris’ Oyster Bar

Meat lovers

Steak at the Keg image via instagram/thekegsteakhouse

  • More of a Meat eater? Victoria certainly knows how to do Steak. With some great restaurants located right in the harbour you can enrich your taste buds while looking out across the water.

Check out: The Keg, Nautical Nellies


Green Curry from Be Love

  • Vegetarian or Vegan? No problem. Victoria has a growing community of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and they are all incredibly delicious ( even for the non vegetarians out there)!

Check out: Rebar, Be Love, Green Cuisine


Delicious strawberry pancakes- Victoria knows how to do Brunch!

  • Victoria has been described as the ‘Brunch Capital’ of Canada and it is not hard to see why. All over the city there are delicious and unique breakfast joints,  all serving fresh and tasty dishes.
  • Victorians sure love their weekend brunch,  so make sure to beat the crowds by going early

Check out :Jam Cafe, Blue Fox,  John’s Place


By Flying Puffin (Mammut Uploaded by FunkMonk) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Kayaking in the inner harbour. image via

  • Summer is a popular time of the year for tourists due to the great weather and outdoor activities.
  • Take a tour on the double-decker buses to explore downtown and the surrounding areas and beaches
  • Rent Kayaks and casually paddle along the inner harbour
  • Take a whale watching tour to experience BC wild life close up
  • Walk along the inner harbour and soak up the views of the city and the famous parliament buildings ( beautifully lit up at night)
  • Interested in learning about the local culture and history? Visit the Royal BC Museum where you can see artifacts such as totem poles, native masks,  even a whoolly mammoth!
  • Walk along Fishermans Wharf and check out the colourful boathouses
  • Visit the Butchart Gardens and admire one of the world’s premier floral show gardens ( it is especially delightful in the winter time during the christmas festivities, with skating and all!)

Do as the Locals do

The Breakwater at Clover point,Victoria

Enjoy a picnic by the water

  • Along with the popular tourist attractions,  there is plenty to explore outside of the downtown core.
  • Make your way along beach drive and admire the views of Mount Baker and the surrounding islands
  • Pack yourself a picnic and park yourself at Willows Beach while you stretch out on the sandy beaches and admire the smell of the ocean breeze
  • Go to Mount Doug Park and hike up to the top of the mountain where there is a breathtaking view of the surrounding area,  including Washington State and the north of Vancouver Island
  • Take a day trip to Salt Spring Island and experience authentic island life while shopping at the local farmers markets

Taking the ferry across to Saltspring Island

There is no doubt why the Royal Family decided to fly across the Atlantic and the rest of Canada in order to experience this city! Victoria truly is a special place,  and for someone who has travelled the world,  I can honestly say there is no place like home!

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2 thoughts on “Victoria, Canada- The Travel Destination of the Royal Couple

  1. My husband and I visited Victoria a few years ago and we absolutely loved it! We went to fisherman’s wharf and tried Barbs Fish and chips , best I have had. We hope to visit Victoria again one day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Melissa! We love eating Barbs Fish and chips at Fisherman’s wharf; always a good time! Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to Victoria. Hopefully you can visit again in the future:)

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